Welcome to The South Carolina Department of Revenue's Electronic Payment System (DOR-ePAY). The DOR-ePAY system is designed to give taxpayers a fast, free, and secure electronic way to submit tax payments.

The Department Of Revenue's Electronic System allows you to make payments for selected taxes without having to leave your home or office.

DOR-ePAY requires 128-bit browser encryption.

Please also note that in order to safeguard your personal information whenever you access DOR-ePAY from a computer that's not your own, make sure you exit or quit the browser after you are finished. This prevents anyone else from seeing your personal information.

Will the funds for this payment come from an account outside the United States? If yes, the South Carolina Department of Revenue cannot process the payment at this time. Payment can still be submitted by credit card.

If you have additional questions, contact Electronic Services at (803)896-1715.

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